Automate clinical work. Improve bottom line. Reduce provider burnout.

Our AI-powered platform helps healthcare professionals run an entire patient practice by themselves or with 1 fractional practice manager only.  From scheduling  and authorization to intake and revenue cycle management, automate your entire practice in just 28 days.


Patients likely to select a provider that allows online scheduling and follow-ups


Clinicians say excessive admin is the biggest contributor to burnout

1 in 3

Patients missed appointments due to no reminders or follow-ups

Trusted by industry-leading organizations worldwide

Elevate patient care and improve outcomes with our AI-powered platform

Telehealth Essentials

From scheduling, calling and messaging to authorization, integrations, notifications and task management

Clinical Essentials

From E-fax and e-prescribing and to billing, insurance management and lab order management.

Conversational AI

Our AI-powered chatbot allows patients to navigate services, find providers, book appointments, make payments, and lots more, all while connecting to your preferred EHR.

Optimize time and resources with automated scheduling

Our automated scheduling feature allows you to efficiently manage appointments and optimize your practice workflow.

Reduce patient no-shows with automated reminders and follow-ups

Eliminate phone calls with a complete digital experience for patients

Reduce costs  and minimize staff intervention for admin activities like rescheduling

Personalized Patient Interactions with AI Chatbot

Experience casual and human-like conversations with our AI chatbot. It replaces clinic admin for general patient interactions, redirects casual discussions back to health and clinic topics, and provides human-like responses for questions it cannot answer giving patients a completely personalized experience.

Redirects Inappropriate Topics and Ensures Content Moderation
Personalizes Greetings and Engages Patients Effectively

Add 20% to your bottomline, and automate your entire practice in just 28 days

Imagine the convenience of automated scheduling, the efficiency of an AI chatbot, and the peace of mind of HIPAA-compliant security. With Topflightcare, you can automate your entire practice in 28 days.

Protect Patient Data with Ironclad Security

Our HIPAA-compliant security measures ensure that sensitive information is protected at all times. With our advanced security features, you can focus on providing exceptional care without worrying about data breaches.

Streamline the entire patient journey

With Topflightcare, you can easily manage the entire patient journey from the first appointment to lab results, billing, medication refill requests and more. Our platform offers human-like dialogue for scheduling, insurance verification, and more. We seamlessly integrate with EMR systems to ensure a smooth workflow.



Simple pricing to help you take the first step to completely automating your practice

$250per provider
Per Month. No additional costs.
Suitable for larger enterprise organizations

Experience the Topflightcare difference

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